Peter Sharp

I am an experienced school leader who is passionate about outcomes for young people. I work with schools, individual students and in the outdoors to support education at every level.

What I do

Working freelance enables me to offer a range of services to individuals and institutions and gives me a wide ranging understanding of the educational landscape.

Educational Consultancy

As an experienced senior leader and governor I am able to support schools in developing their strategic vision and approach. As a previous Deputy Head (Academic) at Westminster School, I have a particular expertise in high performing educational institutions and have worked with some of the top schools in the UK both independently and for consultancies such as JMC INSET and the National Governance Association. I also have expertise in curriculum design and implementation and have designed the curriculum for new schools in Africa.

INSET and teacher development

I am passionate about teacher improvement and have worked with schools of all types across the UK both delivering INSET and working with leaders to support teachers, working both in person and online. As an inspector with the Independent Schools Inspectorate I watch many lessons in a wide variety of schools every year and have a deep understanding of how to support successful pupil progress. I have delivered INSET in a range of schools, working with a many organisations including NACE, the Network for Learning, and Education Conferences UK.

University advice

Having run the academic programme at one of the most successful schools in the UK, I am well aware of the rigours of applying to the most selective UK universities. Choosing a course and applying to university is complex, particularly in the sciences. I can help students understand the options available, manage their application and prepare for entry tests and interviews.

Physics tuition

My passion has always been teaching Physics in a way which both stretches and supports students so that they can reach their potential. While Physics can be intimidating, it is a subject which is vast in its scope and enjoyable in its application. As examiner for Cambridge International, I appreciate the importance of examinations, but I firmly believe that teaching to the test does students a disservice. I have particular expertise in preparing students for the most selective universities, including the Oxford PAT, and Cambridge NSAA and ENGAA. 

Outdoor education

I fell in love with the outdoors when studying Geology as part of my Natural Science degree. I received my Mountain Leader qualification in 2009 and have since run the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in schools, been a Head of Expeditions and lead many trips across the UK and beyond. I now work supervising and assessing candidates, working with select schools as well as organisations including Wilderness Expertise and Activ Adventures. Learn more….